Anne Anderson, Author

-  Bachelors Degree in Philosophy, UVM, 1990
-  Certified Paralegal, School of Law, UCLA, 1991
-  Professional Designation in Data Communications, School of Engineering, UCLA, 1995
-  Master Certificates as Web Developer and Server Design Architect, 1997 & 2000
-  Project Management Professional, Project Management Institute, 2013
-  Certified in Governance of Enterprise Information Technology, ISACA, 2015
-  Master in Science, Organizational Leadership
, Quinnipiac University, 2018

- Author's Note -

My hope and desire in writing these two books was to make the parents of small children with food allergies feel better about their situation  When I learned that my first son had severe food allergies when he was six months old, I was shocked and in despair.  I could not find the positive support that I needed.  So I wrote Flourishing with Food Allergies.

The feedback I received for the book was astounding and filled my heart.  The book received an award by the North American Book Dealers Exhange as the best book in the category of Health in 2009 and an endorsement by the United Stated Department of Agricultural which listed it as an official resource in their library.  Additionally, I was happy to help others through support groups, interviews on television and on videos for food allergy agencies. 

For five years after the book's publishing, I wrote monthly heartfelt blog entries of an experience, insight or story that helped me keep things in perspective.  Then in 2014, these blog entries were compiled into a second book, Food Allergy Roundtable. My youngest son now 13 recently read some of the entries about himself and found it very entertaining. 

I wish all of those children and parents who must endure food allergies a shot of positive energy.